How can I dress and do my hair to look smart?

Keeping it simple is a great way to look smart and also feeling great about yourself will help looking smart. 

  1. Keeping it simple - this is actually great because it allows for lower maintenance. By keeping it simple it shows that your focus is on the work ways to do this are getting staple pieces recommend White - Original glass bead necklace this has the class of pearls but allows you style flexibility while not at work. 
    1. Get a blazer that is your favorite as well this is a piece that will be versatile and that will be sure to exude positivity
  1. Feeling great about yourself below are some of my faves
    1. Eat healthy - This sounds simple but eating healthier will give you more energy and is all around awesome I follow the Feed Your knee guide since I had knee pain and it helps a lot in telling me what to eat as well as avoiding knee pain
    2. Feeling good about yourself has to do with how you wake up in the morning so a routine that will cut down on time is perfect to do that I wear my Red - Statement glass bead necklace or Lemongrass - Statement glass bead necklace because they allow me to cut down on so many other things like spending more time on my hair, avoiding the gym and more. I know that when I throw those on I look and feel my best and will be sure to make a great impression