The Statement Necklace is a wardrobe essential. But how to wear it and the benefits of each style  can sometimes be confusing. Here We share some The Bali Bead favors in rocking your Statement Necklace 

Work Wear - A Tank Top and a Blazer - We are specific to say tank top becuase this allows for the necklace to steal the show and stick out. Really ensuring that you look and feel your best. Adding a statemetn to a blazer is also a sure way to dress up your outfit. Steering off of the Statement another way to get a medium among of volume in case the Statement is too much is to double up your Original  Here it is worn with a blazer and 2 of The Bali Bead Original Necklaces  in Red

Dress up a Denim top - The Denim top is a timeless classic that you can wear with anything. It makes you look and feel good no matter how busy you are. By pairing with a Statement Necklace you can be sure that you will be all set for the day.  The Statement in White 


Work Wear  - When you look good you feel good and for that reason a statement necklace is a quick style solution  that will not take much time but that WILL leave you feeling and looking great. Pair with a floral blouse , your favorite dress or make an all black outfit pop! The Red Statement is a favorite  

Post Workout - Don’t compromise health or style you can have both.  A good statement necklace allows you to go straight from your workout to your next appointment. Pair with a denim jacket and your black tights. The Statement Lemongrass is our weekend go to post yoga and straight to rest of the day


 The Bali Bead is a handcrafted necklace made in Bali and was made with you in mind. It goes with multiple outfits making style easy. The necklace has no metal making it perfect for those with sensitive skin and it is a great quality for you and coveted as gifts.