Mothers Day Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for mom can be challenging. Will she like it, will she use it , will it be something that she can really enjoy? Fortunately The Bali Bead is something that can do all of that and more. In addition we have found out what current Bali Bead owners love about their Bali Bead Necklace and can share with you exactly the necklace to get for mom and her habits

Busy mom

 For the mom that is always running around but seems to still look flawless . These styles have made it easier for the busy Bali Bead owner that wants something that can make their outfit fun , flirty and finished off while they are running around .This necklace  can immediately dress up a casual outfit. 

Here are our favorites

Shop The Original in Sunny Yellow - Perfect for Spring and a subtle vibrance that can be worn in the office or on a trip. Perfectly paired with a  denim top or black tank after yoga

Shop The Satement in Red -A favorite that is easy to fall in love with and takes you from work to night easily.


Shop The Original in Grass Green-  for the mom who loves the color green and especially popular with Bali Bead owners that want to accentuate their red hair. The Grass Green is an absolute Favorite



Professional Mom

For the mom that can usually be found dressed up and may be found in pearls. See our selections to give her the same classic look with a style that will impress.


Shop The Original -  What is moms favorite color? Choose from our unique colors and it will look effortlessly professional and will add that last bit of polish to an all black outfit , when paired with a blouse or with a favorite sheath work dress


Shop the Statement in White - A great alternative to pearls. Giving the same classic feel with handcrafted glass beading. Also able to be worn out of the office giving you a flexibility that can is not found in other necklaces.


Shop the Original in White - The Original in White gives the silent elegance of an original pearl necklace but still allows for casual wear if needed.If the Statement is a little to large and you want a more sleek look.

  Active Mom

 For the mom that loves to workout and needs a necklace that will take her from the gym right into the rest of the day.


The Statement in Lemongrass 

A color that is rare and sure to stand out . The Lemongrass is great for the mom that likes to workout in the middle of the day and needs to still look and feel her best for the rest of the day. Gym hair will not be a problem.




Shop The Original in Mocha This is a favorite for on the go and if mom loves neutrals. 












Shop The Statement in Ink Black- A sure winner The Statement gives sea of black glass beads that will go with everything and is a sure pop of unique style



Traveling mom

Always in the airport, on the train and on the go? These styles will keep up with the on the go mom and keep her looking stylish. With no metal it will make the perfect accessory.


The Statement in OrangeIn the airport, on the beach, out to dinner and back home again. This style will be a hit in all areas and will be a favorite when home as well.

The Statement in Sunny Yellow - Our Spring favorite, The Sunny Yellow will give a piece of Bali and the sun no matter the time of year.



Mom and me

With a style that looks phenomenal on a  26 year old , 40 year old or 86 year old as well as making each feel special , The Bali Bead is the perfect option for mom and me.

Choose your color and get The Statement or The Original Necklace one for your and one for mom. Another way to stay connected no matter the distance you will both enjoy the elegance and versatility of a beautiful necklace that is timeless and that will leave you feeling your best.

Our favorites are;


Shop The Statement in Mocha

ShopThe Statement in Powder Blue


The Original In Red 


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