Move in Love

“Love is life”  - DVF
“Move in love” –  Lillian Daniels

In 2015 I attended a conference that the awesome DVF was at I stood in anticipation waiting for her to sign my book “The Women I wanted to be”

She graciously signed and noted that I have the same name as her mother (I blushed in addition to the complete nervousness I felt)

After she signed I thanked her and waited to open the book to see what she wrote kind of like you anticipate desert or you leave the best for last. So finally when she was out of sight I horridly opened the book to see


During this time, I was looking for inspiration in business and I took a view that is taken in Valentines day

“If I am not in a relationship then this does not apply to me”

So I was disappointed I wanted something profound that I could use as I was working to build my business. I wanted something that promoted solidarity ..yet I did try to appreciate it

love is life ok “sooooooo if I fall in love I will have a more successful business” annnnd that was what I took from that. I was thankful and that was all that I took from the quote …….during that time

but now I appreciate it and have remixed it to


To move in Love, you must have a couple assumptions including;

1.         Love is always helpful

2.         Love can be experienced shared and useful in multiple capacities and various parts of life

So I have compiled how to


Using love to elevate your life in 4 areas many of us experience; loving yourself, loving a significant other, love in family and friends, Love and how it can help with Business. Love that you can value and practice on February 14th and every other day of the year.

Love for self – When you are full you are better able to share joy, optimism and give of yourself. So loving of self if pretty great for the world here are some of my favorites!

-               Be kind to yourself -  Be aware of how you talk about yourself and perceive yourself.

-               Take a Breather – During V- Day; Have a dance party to your favorite play list, allow for reflection, see a comedy show, enjoy your favorite foods! Dress up with your favorite Bali Bead

-               Take care of your Health – Create habits that will pay off in the long run and help you avoid preventable diseases. Here are a few easy ones; drink more water, moisturize (I am starting to take this more seriously), find a favorite vegetarian dish.

Love for a significant other – It is pretty awesome when you find a person that adds to the richness of life and that you can share that with.

-               Learn their love language – Note what your significant other values. There are officially 5 I think and since I think that Food is love (see latest radio show) I think that should be added but hey to each is own lol.

-               Cook – Cooking for someone is one way that we are able to spend quality time with those that we care about but it is also a little more serious you have the opportunity to create nutritious dishes that will contribute to that person’s health (and their being able to be around for a longer period of time)

Love for Family and friends – In the Blue zone study where they looked to determine who lives the longest as well as what contributed to this longevity it was found that relationships and sense of community were one of the most crucial elements. For this reason

-               Learn Relate and Teach – Have friends that you can learn from (may be older) that you can share experiences with (same age) and that you can Teach(younger). This allows for a longevity that is even more meaningful

-               Be there – Just being present seems small but it makes for those memories that are invaluable.

Love in Business –  Both The Happy Knee and The Bali Bead were born out of a desire to share the love of self and self care that I experienced through 1. Healing my knee without surgery and experiencing a necklace that made me feel really great about myself while allowing for versatility. This is just one of the aspects in which business can be impacted by love.

-               Share with the world - Allow the passion, knowledge that you have gained and time you have invested to not go to waste. Fearlessly share your greatness with the world they will certainly thank you for it.

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