Original(55cm) in Deep Sea Blue - With Limited Edition Bead

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The Original in Deep Sea Blue is a winter time favorite and we have added a little more pop and are bringing you Our Original necklace in Deep Sea Blue with our Limited Edition Bead . The Limited Edition Bead is a little larger than our usual Bali Bead and makes for an even more pronounced pop of color 

The Compact Original gives you the same pop of color as THE ORIGINAL at 55cm and 12 strands but is a larger bead so will be a little heavier and more pronounced  

Recommended for/ Made for feedback from: 

Want more but not quite The Statement - This is perfect if you love the Original but want just a little more color but are not ready for The Statement.

Professional woman -  This is great paired with all black

Unique Blue - Our Deep Sea Blue has been the secret star and is a sure favorite as it goes with all complexions and pairs perfectly with formal and casual wear.