In 2016 I returned to Bali with a design that would work for every women and a plan to help share that necklace design. Upon returning I learned  the great importance of craftsmanship in the Bali community.

The Bali Bead is made sustainably from recycled glass and an environmentally friendly dye process that promotes vibrant, lasting color and will not irritate the skin. The clasp, made from mother of pearl, holds the strong yet delicate beaded strands together on a natural string which allows the necklace to drape beautifully across the wearer’s collarbone.


Relying on local artisans within Indonesia to craft each handmade necklace, our workforces are entirely local. Empowering women within Indonesia by giving them jobs to support themselves and their families as they best see fit is the best possible way to ensure long term growth and development. We are honored to 


Our Original And Statement Necklaces are made using recycled glass beads. Much of the glass would otherwise be clutter the streets and go to wastes. The recycled glass is sourced from and turned into beads in the town of Jakarta and are entirely byproduct making for 100% recycling.

Glass that would other wise be thrown away and cause clutter on the island is instead turned into the glass beads that make up each Bali Bead necklace. This not only contributes to reducing waste but the glass material makes for a long lasting and superior quality necklace.  


Each Bali Bead necklace is made up of ethically sourced materials that will look gorgeous as well as not irritate your skin. Our 10 vibrant colors are possible through the recycled glass being naturally dyed. This makes for permanent coloring without toxins or fading of color.

The necklace is made up of the glass beads, natural string and buttons from ethically sourced shell. We are currently working on other button material options that are also natural.


Most of the production process for our necklaces are done by hand. With minimal use of machines. This makes for a very special necklace while also allowing for the artisans to work at various locations and more easily care for and enjoy their families. 


My view on style is that it should be timeless and better enable us to be our best selves. I wanted to allow for that in a way that would be conscious of things I value Health ( non metal sustainable and non toxic materials), Women's empowerment ( working with women artisans), elegance and functionality ( the design is such that you can wear to a Black tie event or to dress up a T-shirt)

We each have a unique gift to share with the world and when we feel healthy beautiful and happy we are even better able to share that uniqueness that the world needs. The Bali Bead necklace allows for that in fashionable way .



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