The Journey to Bali:

On my way to Thailand for a 3-week yoga retreat, I stopped in Bali. I booked a homestay and immediately fell in love with the beautiful lush countryside and the warmth of the people. The design of The Original Bali Bead was inspired during my stop in one of the rustic shops I walked past every day. Wanting a meaningful token from this time in my life, I bought a red necklace in a style that inspired our line called "The Original".

Upon returning to NYC I was invited to speak at my first panel discussion. This was huge because as I left my corporate job I was looking for confirmation. I put on my favorite blazer, tank top and my red Bali bead necklace. After a successful presentation I looked back at the photos and smiled. I felt professional, elegant, and stylish and wanted to share that feeling with other women. I decided then I had to return to Bali to learn how I could make that happen.


I grew up in Syracuse, New York and studied accounting at Howard University before getting my MBA. In 2015, after 4 years working at one of the top four accounting firms, and other fortune 500 companies I left my corporate job to head to Thailand to become certified in Hatha Yoga (pit stopped in Bali).

With The Bali Bead I found that it serves as a way to empower women to be themselves and feel great. That is a feeling that I am honored to share I hope that you enjoy. 

Through healthy eating, mindfulness and creating with purpose I am honored that The Bali Bead is able to provide as much joy and ease to the lives of other women as it has to me.