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The handcrafted artisan made Bali Bead Necklace



I Can't wait to bring it on vacation - Talia Owner of The Original in Red 

I love it! - Newly-wed Lindsey with her "Stacked" Statement in Deep Sea Blue  during her bridal shower

"It is ALWAYS quality over quantity and timeless over trendy " - Catherine owner of The Statement in Red 

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"A guy stopped me on the way to work ... Excuse me where did you get that necklace I want to get it for my wife" - Natalie owner of The Original in Sunny Yellow 



Credit photography by @ddott 

"Take the time to find a piece that will allow you to be your authentic self. Also keep in mind that trends die fast, but classic pieces last forever. The Bali Bead Statement necklace is classic!" - Natasha of My Letters of Rec

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Yvonne Orji from Insecure

Yvonne Orji Stare on HBO Insecure, Ted Talk speaker and owner of The Bali Bead  Ink Black Original



"I absolutely love my Bali Bead necklace I have to get another color" - Kristin 

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"Such a Fun Necklace" - Betsy while in PR

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The Bali Bead necklaces so chic and stylish! I love how easily they pair with a sheath dress for the perfect look I can wear to work or church with adding a cardigan or blazer."  - Dev of The Prep Pursuit

"I couldn’t think of a better fashion accessory to add to your spring/summer wardrobe because it can worn with almost anything." - Katherine wardrobe Stylist  

" I love how I can wear it with any outfit" - ms.rinnellserae

"I don't usually wear jewelry but I love The Bali Bead because there is no fuss" - Jennifer celebrating 60th birthday 


 "The Bali Bead makes it to Dubai"- Jazelle


Messages from owners of The Bali Bead Necklace owners

  We absolutely value and are so proud of the phenomenal women that make up Bali Bead owners. We are honored to have the privilege of sharing a versatile necklace that makes it easier for you to be you and feel great doing so!

"I think I am going to have to get the Mocha Statement .. the Sunny Yellow and Red too lol" - Owner of the Statement in Deep Sea Blue (Chicago) now also has Statement in Red and Statement in Sunny Yellow 

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"I wore my Bali Bead to work today and WOW ....TONS of compliments. It was a nice feeling. Thank you! "- Vanessa - Owner of The Statement in Red  

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"It is definitely a wardrobe essential" - Andrea Owner of the Original in Lemongrass 

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"I love it wore it on my birthday and received so many compliments"-  Owner of The Statement in Sunny Yellow   Kim - in (Kansas) 

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"It's beautiful ..I think I need another one in!"Owner of The Original in Orange

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" I love that I can wear it to church, date night with my husband and how it makes it easier to get ready as I juggle everything" - Owner of The Statement in White (NY) 

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"I was looking to revamp my wardrobe , I love it!" - Owner of The Statement in Deep Sea Blue (Brooklyn) 

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"I like that I can just get up and go" - Owner of The Statement in Red (California)

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"I have to get another one  my mom came to visit and she loved mine so much that she took it back with her" - Owner of The Statement in Red  (NY)